StorageCraft Protects Healthcare Organizations against Triple Threat

StorageCraft for Healthcare Addresses Data Management Cost,
Complexity and Protection Challenges for Healthcare Providers

DRAPER, Utah–(BUSINESS WIRE)–The widely standardized use of electronic health records and medical
imaging, plus the growth in data intensive health applications such as
wearable technologies and telemedicine, are catapulting even small
healthcare organizations into the petabyte era. To help healthcare
organizations immunize themselves against the resulting triple threat of
spiraling data costs, system downtime and loss of data integrity,
StorageCraft has introduced StorageCraft for Healthcare, a converged
scale-out primary and secondary data platform with integrated data

StorageCraft worked with healthcare solution partners to optimize its
recently introduced OneXafe solution — the industry’s first converged
data platform for both primary and secondary data, and data protection —
for the specific requirements of healthcare environments. Said Ross
Hurd, CIO at Lake Chelan Community Hospital, “A one-two punch of
data-hungry advances in medical technologies and growing data compliance
regulations poses a significant challenge for our IT systems and
budgets. StorageCraft presented the means to solve our data challenges
of today – and the means to simply and cost-efficiently scale in the
future. We now have an easy to manage and exceptionally well-protected
data environment in a single solution, that meets our needs for remote
replication, file serving data protection, continuous data protection
and even protects us from possible exposure to ransomware.”

StorageCraft for Healthcare helps solve the most pressing issues of
healthcare-specific data management and protection, including:

Eliminating Spiraling data costs: Healthcare organizations are
facing unprecedented growth in storage capacity. For example, image
archives alone are expanding by as much as 40 percent annually1.
StorageCraft for Healthcare delivers comprehensive data management and
protection services in a single and easy-to-use solution with seamless
integration to disaster recovery as a service (DRaaS). Healthcare
organizations can scale-out storage dynamically as their requirements
change over time. They can start with a single node cluster and a few
terabytes of capacity, then seamlessly and non-disruptively scale to
petabyte storage without any configuration or application changes.
Additional features include in-line variable-length deduplication,
compression, encryption at rest, and multi-site remote replication.
These features dramatically reduce data footprint and cost while helping
to satisfy HIPAA compliance requirements for data protection and
disaster recovery.

Malicious threats are thwarted: Because StorageCraft for
Healthcare delivers central visibility of all data, it can provide
strong encryption along the entire data lifecycle without adding undue
management complexity. It also protects information by taking snapshots
every 90 seconds. As the object store is immutable, the snapshots and
the original data remain completely unaffected in event of attack – such
as ransomware. This allows healthcare organizations to immediately
recover the most recent version of data, enabling them to thwart a
ransomware attack. This feature is of particular value to healthcare
organizations considering 45 percent of all ransomware attacks in 2017
were aimed at the healthcare sector2.

Insurance policy premiums are lowered: While healthcare
organizations can look to insurance policies to protect against the
financial risk associated with breaches in privacy and data, every
medical record is typically assigned a dollar value by insurance
companies as part of their risk assessments. This can add up to tens of
millions of dollars in required coverage. When healthcare organizations
can demonstrate they have effective data management and protection
strategies in place, these premiums can be reduced because the risk of
claims against the coverage is reduced. Recently, a StorageCraft
healthcare customer was looking at a $22 million insurance policy, and,
by deploying StorageCraft solutions, the premium was significantly
reduced, thus delivering immediate ROI on the deployment of the entire

Data degradation is contained: Unlike any other vendor,
StorageCraft provides a platform that converges both primary and
secondary data while also adding integrated data protection. This is of
value for healthcare environments because the solution detects “silent”
data degradation caused by bit rot. Legacy storage systems store images
such as X-rays to a picture archiving and communication system and may
not detect if data has been compromised. As a result, the information
read from the legacy storage system may be corrupt and unusable. This
does not happen with StorageCraft for Healthcare, making it an important
asset for healthcare organizations where fast and unhindered access to
data can make the difference between life and death.

Configuration, pricing and availability: A complete OneXafe
converged scale-out data protection solution, optimized for mid-sized
healthcare organizations, begins at $63,248 for 120TB. It includes all
software, hardware, and data protection services for an unlimited number
of virtual and physical servers. A OneXafe scale-out storage solution
starts at $13,995.

Supporting Quote
Shridar Subramanian, Vice President,
Product Management and Marketing at StorageCraft

“If healthcare
practitioners can’t get the patient’s information when they need it, the
quality of care could be severely compromised. That means data
management and protection is an absolute must. A scale-out converged
primary and secondary data platform with integrated data protection is a
game-changer for healthcare organizations. This is especially true for
medium-size healthcare practices and hospitals that face the same data
challenges as large healthcare providers but have far fewer resources
and smaller budgets at their disposal. In a single, easy to manage and
massively scalable environment, StorageCraft for Healthcare is a
complete data management and protection solution that cost-effectively
solves the budget, management and risk challenges of explosive data

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1 Source: AT&T ForHealth Division
2 Source: global cybersecurity insurance company Beazley


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