20-Year-Old DJ Scher Is a Social Media Influencer Helping Others Achieve Insane Growth

LOS ANGELES, CA / ACCESSWIRE / January 17, 2021 / David Scher, or DJ Scher as most people know him, has been helping brands unlock extraordinary growth on social media platforms like Instagram. Thanks to his extensive experience and savvy digital marketing skills, he has become highly sought after by brands around the world.

Based in Los Angeles, 20-year-old DJ Scher is the proud owner of three distinct businesses. These include Scher Marketing, which is his main digital marketing agency, Luxsy, an ecommerce store focused on the female market, and Cozze, which is a hair product company. He is also business partners with Alex Smetana for a modeling agency called Discontinued Talent. That is an impressive resume for someone who has barely left his teen years.

Helping brands with their digital content to expand their reach on social media is one of his primary focuses these days. DJ Scher works with numerous brands that range from tourism boards to hotels and clothing brands. If it makes sense for his brand to be involved, DJ Scher will jump on the opportunity to help out other brands.

When it comes to achieving the kind of growth he has unlocked for other brands, there is no single strategy that he employs. That is because, within the influencer industry, there are numerous ways to go about achieving growth. Depending on the industry and niche, DJ Scher will use different strategies. Also, going viral on Instagram will require a different strategy than going viral on Twitter. Every viral marketing technique DJ Scher uses achieves impressive and remarkable results for his clients.

David’s marketing agency is a full-service agency that does everything from helping a brand put together a rock-solid media kit to helping them figure out how they can monetize their social media accounts on Instagram and elsewhere.

At his marketing agency, DJ Scher makes sure to coach brands and educate them about how to get started down the path of unstoppable growth. He provides the proper direction that is necessary and is based on a brand’s inherent strengths. David has a keen sense of what a brand should focus on above all else.

Helping set brands apart from their competitors is what DJ Scher makes sure he does. Every brand is unique and has its own voice, which he can coax out of them and help them expand on. The success that DJ Scher drives for his clients is why his business is doing better than ever.

DJ Scher loves watching the brands he helps grow beyond their wildest imaginations, which is part of the reason why he delivers great results. He is passionate about what he does, and that translates into the work he puts into driving insane growth for his clients.

You can follow DJ Scher on Instagram @DJScher, as well as his agency Discontinued Talent @discontinue. You can also connect with his marketing agency @ScherMarketing.

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